Boardroom Audio Visual Systems

Boardroom installations

With more employees working remotely and the need to communicate with business partners and agencies, effective boardroom communication systems are vital. As somewhere that you may bring important clients or hold difficult discussions, the boardroom needs to be an environment where staff and visitors feel comfortable.

Harmonized Systems can provide a tailored solution to ensure your boardroom gives the right impression and leaves a lasting impact for the right reasons.

We provide audio visual packages and setups designed to suit your requirements and budget from video conferencing to telephone and communication links as well as projectors, lighting and shade control.

Our comprehensive service works with designers and contractors on site to create a user-friendly, professional and efficient system. We can integrate with technology already on site, advise on the best products and ensure the installation is carried out with the minimum disruption.

We use world-leading, high quality products to ensure a reliable and stylish finish. As boardrooms are the flagship meeting room for any organisation, our hidden speakers or integrated microphones mean the audio visual equipment is subtly added to the room and allows the space to be more flexible.

For businesses needing to integrate office-based video conferencing equipment with private homes or remote workers, we can also offer solutions that roll out the technology and software to your employees.

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