Intelligent Lighting and Shade Control

With energy efficiency being more important than ever, lighting and shade control is an excellent addition to your home.

Our system gives you full control to create custom lighting moods, open and close blinds and curtains remotely as well as creating a cosy, homely feel and adding the wow factor to your property.

Remote control lighting

Installing a remote lighting package fully centralises use of all lights, lamps and other devices making it easy to see at a glance where lights are on or off across your property.

You are able to set up custom lighting scenes or preset which create the perfect mood for any time of the day or occasion. For example, lowering the lights later in the evening to create a more relaxing atmosphere or switching on brighter lighting after the sun goes down.

Lighting control systems offer greater control over energy usage and the ability to check whether lights are on and off remotely. It can reduce costs and extend the lifespan of light fitting and bulbs.

Systems can be set on a timer to ensure lights are left on in the property when you are away and the ability to control them remotely means you can switch on outside lights or switch off lights you don’t need without being at home.


For all our lighting control systems we use Control4, Lutron and Philips Dynalite Products. These global companies are leading brands in automation and lighting control.

Remote control shades

As well as creating a centralised, remotely operated lighting system, we can also install a setup that controls the ambient light let into your home.

Decorative and intelligent motorized blinds, shades and curtains can be fully integrated with a lighting control system or a home automation installation. Lights and shades can work together to ensure the correct amount of light in your home dependent on the time of day or season.

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