Commercial Lighting and Shade Design

Energy efficiency can save businesses money and automating can cut out the risks of employees leaving lights on or air conditioning running.

We use the latest technology to create a whole-building lighting and shade control system which gives you much greater control over energy consumption across one or multiple sites.

Harmonized Systems can offer packages which are managed locally and remotely. This means a site manager or facilities team can control the lighting, blinds and climate from one system on site but we can also set up a remotely accessible system for out of hours or for businesses that have remote building support.


Accessed via a web browser, the simple and user-friendly system gives key staff members the ability to log in and adjust the lighting and shade controls at any time. This gives you the opportunity to override programmed settings in the event of an unexpected building closure – for example in bad weather – which makes sure you are not wasting money or energy heating and lighting an empty office.

Timed systems increase efficiency and save money

All systems can be set to operate on a timer allowing you to switch the lights on at 6am and then off at 9pm for example. The blinds can also work on the same system, opening in the morning at sunrise and closing at sunset. You can even set them to half open in specific rooms at specific times if you know the sun will be at its fullest at that point.

Settings can be adjusted for summer and winter, giving you full flexibility and control.

Harmonized Systems work with you to develop the perfect lighting and shade design for your office layout and business operating hours. Full training and support on every system used is included in the installation package.

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