Control4 Home Automation

One of the leading brands for high-end home automation is Control4. As a Control4 dealer, Harmonized Systems can offer home automation for your property designed and installed by our specialist engineers.


Introducing new Control4 Smart Home OS3

Control 4 Home Automation can include:


Multi-room audio

High-quality sound can be played in every room of your house with Control4 Automation. Having a party? Or just want to be able to move around your house and still be able to hear your favourite playlist? With multi-room audio, we can create a solution that plays the same music throughout, different music in every room, or any combination of playback options.

Play music from an iPhone, iPad or computer and even listen to the radio with the internet radio player.

Smart televisions in multiple rooms

Use services like Netflix, Sky+HD, Sky Q, Virgin TV, satellites, game consoles, DVD and Blu-Ray players to watch or play anything across multiple televisions.

Our centralised system allows a simple, user-friendly way to select the program, game or playlist you want without multiple remote controls or different user interfaces.

Lighting and shade controls

Let us design a lighting and shade control system for your home that creates ambient lighting as well as mood lighting for different times of the day or occasions. Control4 allows you to set up multiple presets which are adaptable at any time in just a few steps.

The programme also allows you to take control of individual fixtures or rooms to change those lighting settings at any time.

Climate control

Remotely control your heating, air conditioning and ventilation with Control4 Home Automation.

Schedules can be created to save energy and create the right temperatures in specific areas or rooms.

Door entry and intercoms

Touch screens and door stations from Control4 create a video door entry system for your peace of mind and security. Combined with a Door Entry, this creates a convenient way to see who is at any door of your property and communicate with them, even when away from home.

You can also speak to other people in different rooms of your home using the touch screen system. Please see the Video on the following page.


Control4 CCTV systems and monitoring are controlled centrally and can be set to switch on in the event of an intruder or alert. Integration with alarms is also available to ensure the alarm is triggered when a CCTV camera is activated.

You can also request screenshots of the cameras be emailed so you can see your home when you are away.

Home Remote Access

When away from home, every day or occasional access to your home systems would help and make life easier, like increasing or turning the Heating ON, checking the CCTV cameras, controlling the Security Lighting, etc.

Control4 System allows the end user to have full access to the Home System, like when at home.

Via iPhone or iPad, or Android Phone or Tablet, Control4 app brings your Home closer to you, and offers full control of your Home Technology and makes many options possible and easier!

To find out more about the Control4 Home Automation system, and speak to us about your requirements, please contact us.

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