Multi-Room Audio Visual

An immersive, fully integrated entertainment system gives you a simple way to watch movies, play music or games in several different rooms of your home.We can create an easy to use, centralised entertainment console which means you can move around your home uninterrupted.

Never worry about losing DVDs or CDs again and access your music or TV streaming service from every room you want.

There are no complicated controls, different remotes or wires to plug or unplug. Just use one touch screen panel to select your favourite movie or playlist then set it to play wherever you want.

Multi-room audio visual systems can also be integrated with home security. Set up can include automatic pausing of music or movies when the doorbell rings so you never leave a visitor waiting.Speakers in walls, ceilings or even outdoors ensure an unbroken service and these can even be completely invisible to fit with your property aesthetic.

Read how we’ve helped families fill their homes with music and media.

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