Digital Signage

Print advertising is costly, out of date and these traditional media types are being replaced by new, interactive technology.

Digital signage allows businesses to send messages and advertising campaigns quickly and easily in an eye-catching format.

Moving image, videos, graphics and even augmented reality displays can all be placed on these state-of-the-art screens which allows you greater flexibility and creativity.

Dynamic digital signage allows companies to communicate internal bulletins and information to your staff quickly and easily at multiple locations.

There are thousands of businesses that benefit from digital signage already. Digital signage is already used widely at conferences, for emergency messaging, at train stations and hotels.

Restaurants use it to publish a daily menu with no worries about print costs every time it changes, doctor’s surgeries update appointment wait times as a live feed into waiting rooms and advertisers play targeted information at key sites like train stations or shopping centres.

Information is instantly customisable and is delivered to your customers instantly. You can change products, promotions or information at the touch of a button and it is updated straight away. Print advertising or bulletins is costly, time consuming and can’t be changed once it has been produced.

Easy to use system

All our digital signage systems come with a clear, user-friendly interface. You can control one or more screens from just a PC and you can even schedule content to appear on certain dates or at certain times to have the greatest impact.

You can also use the screens to sell advertising space and make some extra money for your business while improving communication.

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