Queen’s Gardens Multiroom Audio and Lighting

The Home Owner asked us to assist during the full refurbishment of her property to create the cabling infrastructure as well as deliver and install the Audio and TV system, Wi-Fi setup, Security System and the Lighting Control System.

As our client is into the classical music, a special request was to achieve a good sound for an everyday listening of the music around the property. We have achieved this by specifying the correct in-ceiling speakers, as well as selecting a quality and efficient floor standing speakers and the power Amplifier in the Living Room.

One of the in-ceiling speakers has been painted in Black in order to blend into the interiors.

As our client is manly watching the Netflix on the TV, we have provided a high band Internet connection to the TV set, to allow high speed at any time for a fast media streaming.

The property is very long and on two levels and regular router for Wi-Fi was not covering the entire property with Wi-Fi signal. We have specified and installed the required cabling and equipment, that was configured and adjusted correctly, and entire property has been fully covered with a Wi-Fi signal.The Security Alarm System has been designer to allow the end user to easily arm/disarm the property, and all sensors have been installed to discrete locations with high detection efficiency.

The lighting Control System has been designed and installed to allow the end user to control the beautifully selected lighting and create a mood in main areas of the property.


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